Mum furious after daughter gets school detention because iPad was only 93% charged

A mum was left flummoxed after claiming her daughter was issued a detention at school because her iPad battery was 93% charged.

The mother, a teacher herself, asked if anyone ‘had heard such nonsense’ as she shared her daughter’s story online.

Writing on Twitter, she said: “My daughter was issued a detention because her iPad, when she arrived at school, was 93%.

“The assistant head, who I’ve since emailed, has set the expectation that iPads be no lower than 97% or pupils will be punished.

“I’m flummoxed. Has anyone heard of such nonsense?”

The mum said she wrote an email to the assistant head which said: “[My daughter’s] iPad being at 93 per cent caused no issues in her learning and continued to work for the entirety of the day meaning her behaviour for learning was not affected.

“I do not want to be one of those parents who questions a school and their behaviour policy but I am struggling to understand the reasoning for such an archaic punishment when technically she has done nothing wrong here.”

She continued: “Not having 100 per cent battery is something that is ultimately out of the pupil’s control unless the iPad is constantly on charge.

“You are inducing unnecessary fear into your pupils which, in my personal opinion, is no way to run a school.”

The mum shared the saga on Twitter and received a variety of opinions in response. Some hit out at the rule but others seemed to think it was fair enough.

One said: “iPads should not even be used in a classroom setting.”

Another said: “I think it’s a better lesson to teach them how to discern a stupid rule, versus a legitimate rule.”

But one tried to see if from the school’s perspective, commenting: “Kids will intentionally not charge their iPads/chromebooks so they get out of doing work. It’s a massive problem. And it takes time away from teachers being able to teach because they have to scramble to find chargers/ paper and pencil or whatever the kid needs.”

Another agreed: “Fully charged devices upon arrival to school is not an unreasonable expectation. Impossible to charge all devices at school. Yes, I’m a mom and a teacher.”